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who we think we are

Tragic Something is a band that almost never happened. The band was formed in early August, 2000 by ex-Third Frequency guitarist Winston Campbell. Finding the need to quickly write and record four or five songs for a New Jersey band contest, Winston called on Third Frequency drummer, Fernando Rendeiro (master of the bloody sausage), North Brunswick-bassist Sergey Alexandrov, and Rutgers singer Nexhmije Zequiri. In a matter of three weeks, the foursome managed to write and record four songs. After losing the contest, Winston decided to carry on with the band as he found that he was writing songs at a rate of almost a song a day. In January, 2001, because of other concerns and priorities, Nexhmije Zequiri left the band. Now, armed with more than fifteen songs, Tragic Something is a tight threesome:
Fernando Rendeiro, who plays drums and sings; Sergey Alexandrov who plays the bass guitar, keys, and does programming; and Winston Campbell who plays the guitar, keys, and sings occasionally.
The band will begin a fervent Summer 2001 tour of the NY-NJ-PA tri-state area. Be sure to visit the site and check back for any current news. If you don't, you might possibly die (by unknown circumstances -- of course).

the songs (thus far)

The songs are happy, painful, tragic, and sometimes insane. The songs range from the manic and fast "I'm In Pain", to the sad and sensitive "The Longest Possible Way Home", to the quirky and gothic "Neurostatic", all the way to the beautiful and heartfelt "It Was Always You". Be sure to check out the songs on There are occasionally secret demo songs posted on the site. See if you can find them.

- Marcust Williams



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