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tragic noises

Okay, here we go... Below is a table of Tragic Something song samples in real audio format. Below you will also find two complete MP3 songs. I could have posted more MP3 songs but those really require a lot of space and takes up bandwidth. If you want to hear high quality MP3, you can listen to our complete songs on our page.

If you don't have a Real Audio Player, you can download a free one at

NOTE:  Lead Vocals on the Tragic Something album are performed by the exquisite and lovely Nexhmije Zequiri.

MP3 Files

  • Something - from the Tragic Something album.
  • It Was Always You - from the Knee Braces That Swing Low Fatman album.
  • Real Audio Files

    Tragic Something
    i'm in pain (RA 28Kbps) (RA 56Kbps) (1:08)
    any ordinary day (RA 28Kbps) (RA 56Kbps) (0:39)
    electra (RA 28Kbps) (RA 56Kbps) (0:53)
    something (RA 28Kbps) (RA 56Kbps) (1:15)
    Knee Braces That Swing Low Fatman
    it was always you (RA 28Kbps) (RA 56Kbps) (1:12)
    bobby's missing hand (RA 28Kbps) (RA 56Kbps) (1:00)
    neurostatic (RA 28Kbps) (RA 56Kbps) (0:54)
    the longest possible way home (RA 28Kbps) (RA 56Kbps) (0:52)


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