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From the Knee Braces That Swing Low Fatman album...

jaq trip her and sin dies now

why does no one talk about cindy snow?
the further in is the way it goes
and it's going away much further than here

why must the look be so demeaning?
the gun for the final time
jack pushes cindy into the meat grinder

special k tastes like old women's blood
janet leaves the scene in her head
pushes herself to strike a finger down her throat

no one feels the way we move on
jealousy paints the sky in palettes
mr. angelino had choked her in her sleep

chrissy left them and none were all
jack tried hard to pull his plans through
kissed cindy and busted her head open on the fence

parallel parking makes dogs laugh
love in a way to perceive it
it's looking at everything when you know you're dead

girl into man and man into hermaphrodite
janet knows the way how it goes
why does no one talk about cindy snow?

larry falls for the final time and says
"and somehow i believe my death will pull us all through"

(words & music: winston campbell)



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©2002 Tragic Something