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From the This Album Has No Title album...


where is the car crash
thought it was waiting for me
and in the wreckage
you won't find me
you tried to be happy
but you failed miserably
and even to failure
you had nothing to say
and you still went on your way

i cried yesterday
i cried yesterday

you are my lover
and my best friend
and there waiting for me
in the end
when it gets so hot inside
and outside there's no rain
when i can't say things
to relieve the pain
i switched a lane without looking

i cried yesterday
i cried yesterday

and now i'm happy
happy that you're here with me
in all of this wreckage
it's the way it should be
in my own death
in your own life
we somehow ignited
we are so united
and i am now complete

i cried yesterday
i cried yesterday

(words & music: winston campbell)



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