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From the Knee Braces That Swing Low Fatman album...

bobby's missing hand

it was a sad state of affairs
karen and me sitting by the bay
our mouths closed, nothing to say
nothing to say at all

he had gone to bed stone cold and drunk
and woke up in a state of shock
no one knew, no one saw
no one saw anything at all

and i was the friend that turned away
embarrassment and abasement under my skin
if only we had let him in
if only we were decent human beings

yes, some say dwarf bellini did it
did it with his unusually long member
and it was well planned if you remember
in the cold depths of a sad december

and it's so tragic
but it makes you laugh
bobby's missing hand
bobby's missing hand
and it's so depressing
but still makes you smile
bobby's missing hand
bobby's missing hand

(words & music: winston campbell)



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©2002 Tragic Something